Research and Disruptive Innovation are two of the founding values of Lipinutragen.

razionali scientifici lipidomica nutraceuticaR&D is based on the database of more than 10,000 lipidomic profiles collected from the Italian population during the activity of the Company.

From a careful review of the international literature, combined with the recent and continuing discoveries of CNR – National Research Council – located in Bologna and the experience of Dr. Carla Ferreri, grown in more than 20 years in lipidomics and free radicals actions research, scientific rationals on the lipidomic approach are drawn, that allow a direct connection between science and clinical practice and / or application of lipidomics in health care and prevention.

The scientific answer examining the relevance of the cell membrane lipidomic analysis is: Fatprofile (EC registered trade mark of Lipinutragen).

Open Access Articles


Below is a selection of Open Access Scientific Articles. Next titles and reference for further study of the bases of lipidomics.

alzheimer Lipidomic & Alzheimer

autismo Lipidomic & Autism

cardiovacolare Lipidomic & Cardiovascular Diseases
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dermatologia Lipidomic & Dermatology

neurologia Lipidomic & Neurological Disorders
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fibrosi Lipidomic & Cystic Fibrosis

gastroenterologia Lipidomic & Gastroenterology

pregnancy Lipidomic & Pregnancy
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neurodegenerative Lipidomic & Neurodegenerative Diseases

Obesity_Icon Lipidomic & Obesity

oculistica Lipidomic & Ophthalmology
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oncologia Lipidomic & Oncology

sovrappeso Lipidomic & Overweight
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sport Lipidomic & Sport download PDF