nutraomicaFrom the attention to food quality and careful search of in-house analyzed raw materials, combined with the mission to educate and inform people about the importance of proper nutrition for healthy cells, Lipinutragen innovates the field of functional foods with the Nutraomice line.

Functional foods of the Nutraomic line contain ingredients, and therefore molecular components, with beneficial properties, protective for the organism according to the lipidomic approach with balanced and optimal quality of fats. If consumed in a healthy diet, they can provide the body with the ideal quantity of unsaturated fatty acids helpful for a healthy state and growth.

NutraNut is the first functional food in the Nutraomic line. It is the first fully biological spreadable hazelnut chocolate cream, featuring:

  • optimal Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio
  • with a source of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid
  • with organic materials

NutraNut is sold in the selected lipidomic-specialized pharmacy.

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From meeting between Focus on Health and Food Research of the Italian Tradition, born Nutra Pick: Wild blueberry Nectar.

The word ” Pick” highlights the origin of this fruit harvesting by hand in the Modena Apennines Area.

The antioxidants molecules, in particular, have an important role in prevention of damage generated by free radicals (oxidative stress ), and it’s known from Scientific Literature that the Wild Blueberry of Modena Apennines Area has a 2-3 times greater antioxidant content respect other varieties. Antioxidant Activities of the wild blueberry is more than twice respect cultivated blueberry and other fruits selected.
( 1-2)

NutraPick is a nutritious and tasty drink prepared with wild

Blueberry pulp:

  • rich on fruit ( 67 % )
  • with only organic cane sugar

Cellular Antioxidant Activity Assay1.G,. Giovannelli, S.Buratti Comparison of polyphenolic composition and antioxidant activity of wild bluberries and some cultivated varieties Food Chemistry 112 (2009) 903-908

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