Nutragenika is the name of the first set of nutritional supplementation that aims at rebalancing and maintaining the lipid equilibrium within the cell and protecting the membrane by the action of free radicals. Nutragenika is strictly connected to the studies of the scientific teams of Lipinutragen (ISOF CNR, Italy) and Lipinutramed (INN Demokritos, Greece) which are focused on the lipidomic profile of the erythrocyte membranes. Nutragenika allows the direct supplementation towards the lipid composition of the cell membrane.

nutragenika, qualità e innovazione

Nutraceuticals by Nutragenika represent a successful example of a set of products which are able to target cell membrane and to re-establish the lipid equilibrium in this crucial cell compartment.

Furthermore, the efficacy of nutraceuticals by Nutragenika is verified by the lipidomic analysis FAT PROFILE™ – a diagnostic tool provided in Italy by Lipinutragen – which is performed before and after the supplementation.

This innovative concept of supplementation is called nutrilipidomics, a recent discipline born from lipidomics. Nutrilipidomics binds together the nutraceutical strategy with the real needs that a subject present at the level of the cell membrane, which is established by lipidomics. Nutrilipidomics aims to achieve the lipid equilibrium of cell membrane, which is fundamental for the correct functioning of the cells, for the signaling and for the homeostasis.

Both nutraceuticals and diagnostic lipidomics (FAT PROFILE™) target cell membrane and it is scientifically proven that their connection represent a powerful strategy for the personalized supplementation based upon the real needs of the subject.

Thanks to Nutragenika, Lipinutragen show their ability to formulate new nutraceuticals for lipidomic profiles, and are willing to share this capability with Nutra/Pharma companies for creating new innovative products for health and for the personalized nutraceutical intervention.


Nutragenika : A novel series of personalized nutritional supplements
to rebalance the cell membrane equilibrium and attain a healthy status

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