Fatpharmacy® is the only test, available in selected pharmacies, specialized in the lipidomic approach, which containing a panel of lipid molecular indicators representing the state of “health” of the red blood cell membrane.

With Fatpharmacy® the pharmacist can counsel an important prevention tool that helps the person to discover imbalances, highlighting deficits or excesses of fatty acids involved in physical and mental wellbeing. Fatpharmacy® gives to the pharmacist also a suggestion for the personalized nutraceutical intervention and food customized strategy to transfer to the client in order to prevent or recover the found inbalance, thus improving his/her “quality of life”.



  • antistressDuring your pregnancy or nursing, to ensure the right nutritional balance to both mother and her
  • In the case you suffer o begin to suffer of: – overweight or metabolic slowdown – fatigue, stress, depression without correlation with a health condition – seasonal allergy, skin or respiratory with lowering of immune defences
  • If you experience: – metabolic excess cholesterol or triglycerides – cardiological (in this case for example, it is recommended to supplement the diet with fatty acids) and neurological disorder (like anxiety or memory failure) – inflammatory disorders like , for example, articular pain or bowel problems.
  • If you perform sport at both professional or amateur level in order to check-up your body for ameliorate performance.
  • When you are taking supplements of omega-3, omega-6, etc. (fish oil, flaxseed oil, borage oil, etc.) and antioxidants and you want to know whether the ‘integration is appropriate and is working.
  • When the word “prevention” means lifestyle and nutrition.

fatpharmacy per lo sportThe Fatpharmacy® provides a lipidomic report with: 6 molecular indicators including also Omega 3 Index Cardiovascular Risk – according to Harris SW Pharmacol. Res.2007) (1-2) What are the molecular markers are lipids that, together with proteins and cholesterol, are the core components of cell membranes. They constitute up to about 70% of the membrane total composition.

They are:

  • Indicators of metabolic fatigue: the saturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids ratio (SFA / MUFA) that shows the status of cellular exchanges, defined as the ease of passage of nutrients and signals; the level of palmitoleic acid which is a key molecule for adipose tissue and helps to mobilize stored fats to muscle activity.
  • Indicators of the tendency to develop allergies: Here are evaluated fatty acids involved in cellular defense and immunity, such as diomogammalinolenic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid (DGLA; EPA)
  • Indicators of the tendency to inflammation, consisting of: arachidonic acid, the precursor of prostaglandins and other inflammatory molecules-detectors;the ratio of the slopes omega6-and omega-3 (that is the ratio between the inflammatory and anti-inflammatory track (the so-called silent inflammation)
  • Cardiology prevention indicators: made by the family of saturated fatty acids and omega 3 index. both of these values are scientifically recognized as cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Prevention neuro indicator: represented by DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, that is vital to the proper functioning of the nervous system and retina as well as of several other protective effects.
  • Cellular stress indicators: consisting of the trans fatty acids that are formed by the excess exposure to free radicals. Trans fatty acids can be determined due to the unique molecular library supplied by Lipinutragen (Italian. Patent No. 0001327120 – no. 0001327121 (04/27/2005)



With a simple assisted blood sampling, taking 500 microliters of blood from the fingertip. Go to one of the selected lipidomic-specialized pharmacies.
The material needed to perform the analysis is contained in a single-use kit available at the pharmacy.The person performing the analysis must fill in a questionnaire with information concerning his/her main health infomration, lifestyle and usual food.

A dedicated courier will deliver the sample at the Lipidomic laboratory (ASL Authorized, aut. San. CF201182 / 12) for the molecular analysis.
The sample analysis is performed using a cell selection protocol accurately performed by the certified Lipidomic laboratory technical procedure (authorization Health CF201182 / 12) realized at Lipinutragen.
Within 10 working days Lipinutragen will send to the pharmacist a full Fatpharmacy® report in a sealed envelope, who will contact the customer for explanation and set-up of the Fatpharmacy® program.


Fatpharmacy®: prevention and quality of life in lipidomic-specialized pharmacies

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