Lipinutragen Srl, born in Bologna in December 2005 as spin-off company of the National Research Council (CNR), is the first company that brings to the market an innovative approach of molecular medicine: cell membrane lipidomics and NUTRILIPIDOMICS, molecular diagnostics to nutraceuticals and nutrition for a personalized approach in health care.

The scientific know-how and ethics distinguish the Company’s activity in the health market. Lipinutragen performs high-quality molecular analysis, as well as training of the persons involved in the health market, providing them with innovative tools for prevention, diagnosis and treatment with highly customized nutritional products.





Functionality and reliability

The analytical protocols applied by Lipinutragen are connected to the CNR research about cell membrane lipidomics, radical stress and trans fatty acid formation, carried out by the co-founders researchers, Dr. Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu and Dr. Carla Ferreri. The Company R&D&I is based on rigorous scientific basis, knowledge and skills provided by the above internationally renowned scientists

High technology

The robotic unit, created and owned by Lipinutragen, with an advanced and unique in the world technology, is able to implement the analysis and automatize the cell selection concerning the mature erythrocyte from a small blood sample (500 microliter) and the membrane fatty acid sampling, making repeatable and reliable membrane lipidomic analysis.

Transparency and quality certified
  • The Lipidomic Laboratory authorized by the ASL (Health Aut. PG 263274 08/11/2012) at the Research Area of CNR in Bologna;
  • Scientifically validated analytical protocol;
  • CE certification of the robotic unit created and owned by Lipinutragen.


Arianna Salati

Anna Rosaria Maranini
Scientific Trainer and Nutritional Consultant

Valentina Sunda
FAT PROFILE® Division Manager e Lipidomic Laboratory Director

Simone Deplano
fatpharmacy® Division Manager e Analytical and Robotic Laboratory Manager

Maria Louka
Biologist in the R&D of the company (PhD student with the project H2020 ClickGene funds)

Raffaella Rinaldi
Brand Manager

Francesca Rizzi
Administration Office Manager

Carlotta Poli
Logistics Manager

Fundamental in the Lipinutragen team are the figures of the co-founders, CNR Researchers, who drive strategic scientific choices of the company:

Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu
Research Director at ISOF-CNR Research Area in Bologna

Carla Ferreri
Senior Researcher at ISOF-CNR Research Area in Bologna